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About The Breed's
Boston Terrier., also known as The “American Gentleman” it is a  gentle breed that typically has a strong, happy-go-lucky, and friendly personality with a merry sense of humour. Bostons are generally eager to please their owner and can be easily trained. Life span of a BT is 11-13 years, Bubba lived 13 years. 
French Bulldog also known as a Frenchie make excellent companions. The French Bulldog rarely barks, and if he does it is to draw attention, to point out that he needs something (like attention). This breed is patient and affectionate with its owners, especially with children. They have fairly minimal exercise needs, short walks will do. Life span of a Frenchie is 8-10 years, Roxy lived 13 years. 

This home page is dedicated to our cuties who we miss very much and have gone over the rainbow and our adorable retirees!

About Us:

We are  home based, where our parents and puppies are home raised with our family, with a lot of love and attention. They are very social, healthy and yes very intelligent. Before our babies go to new homes, they are Vet checked and have health certificates and will be up to date on shot's and
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